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Boulder’s MICRO SURGEON for Dental Implants

Our primary goal is to help you create and maintain improved oral health with exceptional periodontics and dental implants. At Boulder Implants & Periodontics, you can be confident with the periodontal care you receive; our practice is dedicated to your oral health.

You may be wondering if you require periodontal care, and that is okay! At Boulder Implants & Periodontics, we specialize in caring for periodontal tissues like the gums, the periodontal ligament, and other supporting structures of the teeth. When you visit our office you will experience the highest quality of oral care, starting with basic oral hygiene and periodontal health and working up to any periodontal treatment you may need to help you achieve optimal oral health.

Your teeth are not the only things in your mouth needing regular care. Oral hygiene includes caring for the gums as well, which is why we provide periodontal cleanings and treatments. We are also ready to perform oral cancer screenings, dental implants, tooth extractions, gum grafts, and more. If you are curious about oral health, or have specific questions about our additional services, we are only a phone call away at: 303-938-8300.

Boulder Implants & Periodontics are proud to offer the highest caliber of dental implants and periodontal care available to the Boulder community. As our patients, you are our connection to the community, and our relationship with you is our most valuable asset. It is our goal to develop long-lasting, friendly, and communicative relationships with our patients, and we look forward to seeing you!

Client Testimonials

I am very pleased to have been Dr. Boynton’s patient recently for my first implant procedure. He was very gentle and professional in his manner and explained every part of the process so that I understood what was about to happen at each step of the way. Although I was apprehensive, he made me feel at ease and the entire process went very smoothly. I can highly recommend Dr. Boynton to anyone who is considering dental care.
- Rosemary B.

Dr. Boynton is a periodontist who is dedicated to providing trendsetting solutions for the most effective clinical outcome available to his patients.
- Janie Dematteo , Dr. SS/CR & Quality Mgr. at Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc.

When I was originally referred to Dr. Boynton, I had no idea how complex my implant case was. Dr. Boynton and his staff have been wonderful and exceeded every expectation I have had. I not only consider him one of the most skilled in his field, but after all this time, a good friend. I continually find reasons to refer my friends and colleagues to him because I have so much faith in his work ethic and character.
-Corey E.

*We proudly serve the Boulder community with comprehensive periodontal care and dental implant treatments.


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